The Interfaith Alternative

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  1. Bob Garbett says:

    I have been part of the Christian faith for more years than I care to remember and the following statement on your website “We share who we are and celebrate our diversity, not to convert or convince, but in realization of our common humanity” seems more like a pipe-dream. Christians, like most other people, don’t usually celebrate diversity but try to change it, dismiss it, dismantle it or even, God forbid, destroy it. I’m all for interfaith community and open dialogue, it the only viable option, but it does seem rather idealistic. The fact that there are now over 20,000 Christian denominations worldwide is not a celebration of diversity but the ridged rejection of it. Human beings don’t, at least in my experience, “celebrate diversity” and if and when we do it’s something very similar to “tokenism”. Christians say that Christ is the ONLY way but what they usually mean is “my way or the highway” but of course it is always couched in scripture thereby negating the possibility of human bias, suspicion and or inflexibility.

    • steven says:

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay in responding. I was on a book tour for The Interfaith Alternative. I can appreciate your feelings and your experience. I certainly agree that not everyone is ready for Interfaith. But an increasing number of people are. “My way or the highway”, as unattractive as it is, has been a part of most spiritual paths at one time or another. But more and more are coming to realize that there is a positive, constructive alternative. Do I think it will be easy? No. But do I think it’s a pipedream? No.

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