Our Joint Declaration

We come together in peace.

We sing together in joy and with love.

We worship together

In one house,

A house with names beyond number.


Our paths are many.

Our beliefs are as leaves.

And the tree that we cleave to

Is nourished by the light of

Compassion, justice and mutual respect.


May our lives, our beliefs and our actions

Help to bring about the world of love we all seek;

And let it begin here.

4 Responses to Our Joint Declaration

  1. Hollis says:

    How is your faith different from Unitarian Universalist? From what I’ve read it it’s the same.

  2. Francis Suavillo says:

    I would like to know more about the living interfaith church, how to join and belong to the said church… I have been in search of a church that unites instead of divides different beliefs. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Godspeed!

    • steven says:

      We’re in Lynnwood, Washington. That’s about fifteen minutes north of Seattle. If you live in the area, joining us is easy. If you don’t, you can still join us “from a distance” by following our posts, subscribing to our newsletter, listening to our podcasts, and, if you are able, supporting our efforts with your donations. You might also, if the spirit moves, try to form a small group of interested people who get together once or twice a month to share and learn more about Interfaith. Thanks for asking!

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