We ask your help and your financial support!  An Interfaith educational curriculum, that teaches respect for other spiritual paths as well as laying a foundation for the parents’ paths does not exist.  … yet!  Living Interfaith, small as we are, has committed not only to creating such a curriculum but also to making it available at no cost to any group that needs it.

You may examine and download Part 1 for grades 1-3  There is no cost to download and use our copyrighted curriculum.  All we ask is your agreement to use it in good faith.    Click here for more information about this exciting project.

Please help us fund Part 3 of this important program. We’ll need to raise a total of about $15,000.

To donate by credit card safely through PayPal, just click above.  We are also very happy to accept donations the old fashioned way – by check.  Please make your check payable to Living Interfaith Church and send to us at PO Box 2352, Lynnwood, WA 98036.  In the memo section, please write “education” so we’ll know where you want the donation to go.  And yes, contributions to Living Interfaith are tax deductible.  THANK YOU!

Now underway: An Interfaith curriculum for children, ages 6-17

Our plan is to build the curriculum in 4 stages, completing one part at a time.  We will pursue a grant and do fundraising for each part, create the curriculum, and make it available online.  As each part is completed, we will apply for a grant and do fundraising for the next part.  Each part will be made available on line soon after it is finished.  We hope to have all 4 parts completed in five to six years. 

Part 1  Grades 1-3  (ages 6, 7 & 8) – COMPLETED!!

Foundation for All Our Spiritual Paths (love, compassion, community)

Part 2  Grades 4-7 (ages 9, 10, 11, & 12) – FULLY FUNDED.  THANK YOU!!!  This curriculum is currently being written and should be available in mid-2018.

Introducing our Spiritual Path(s)  Guests (ministers/rabbis/imams/monks, etc.) Learning about each others’ spiritual traditions safely and also learning how to share with each other without feeling the need to convert or convince, nor any need to defend.

Part 3 Grades 8-10 (ages, 13, 14 & 15) – WE ARE NOW BEGINNING TO FUND THIS!

More Deeply Exploring Our Main Spiritual Paths (all students – all faiths together)  To be co-taught by teachers and students of the faith being studied

Part 4  Grades 11-12 (ages 16 & 17) –

Faith in Action – every week, a community project in which students participate – Once a month, group discussions about justice issues

Who might want to utilize such a curriculum?

1) New Interfaith Spiritual Communities – Communities that celebrate our diverse spiritual paths, based (however loosely) upon the model of Living Interfaith, will need a curriculum that respectfully exposes children to the multitude of answers to the question, “How can we lead a spiritual and fulfilling life?”

2) Children From Interfaith families – The incidence of interfaith families keeps rising. Interfaith marriages account for approximately 42% of marriages as of 2012! An Interfaith curriculum allows parents to help their children respectfully learn the spiritual paths of both parents, as well as other spiritual paths.

There are support groups for interfaith families (particularly, but not solely Jewish/Christian) popping up all over the country. An interfaith education curriculum, available on the web, will give these groups a powerful tool to assist parents in teaching their children important spiritual truths, without demanding that the children follow the path of one parent at the expense of the other. This will not only aid the children but also help to provide support to the parents.