We can respect each other. We can live in peace. We can embrace the love that all of our faiths teach us.

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Saturday, January 27th -10:30 AM

        At Good Shepherd Baptist Church – 6915 196th Street SW, Lynnwood

“A Path to Interfaith”

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Interfaith Is a Faith

Interfaith is a faith that embraces the teachings of all spiritual paths that lead us to seek a life of compassionate action.  Interfaith, as a faith, does not seek to discover which religion or spiritual path is “right.”  Rather, it recognizes that we are all brothers and sisters, and that at different times and different places we have encountered the sacred differently.

Interfaith celebrates our differing spiritual paths, recognizing it is our actions in this world that count; that we are called to engage the world, and to do so with compassion and with love.

In the past, “interfaith” has usually meant people of good will from differing spiritual paths getting together briefly for a project and then simply going home.  That was worthwhile and hugely important.  But today the world needs more.  Interfaith, as a spiritual practice, can serve as a model for how we deal with each other.

Living Interfaith means more than participating in the occasional interfaith service or an interfaith project a couple of times a year, or even once a month.  We live Interfaith by coming together each week to be nourished by and celebrate the wisdom and love of our varying spiritual paths.  And that is but the beginning.

Living Interfaith also means embracing the gift of Interfaith within our lives, and sharing that gift with the world: sharing it without arrogance, sharing it without orthodoxy, and sharing it while respecting those whose spiritual paths may differ from our own.  We share Interfaith not as THE right way, but rather a viable way to live in love and in peace; with respect for our shared humanity and the varied spiritual paths that we take.

It is not an easy road ahead.  True paradigm shifts are never easy – and humanity has lived shackled for a very long time by a view of the world that insists that there can be but one “right” belief about God (including the “right belief” that there is no God), and that our spiritual communities should be centered around that one “right” belief.  Interfaith as a spiritual practice involves a major shift in that foundational assumption and world view.  Why is the paradigm shift desirable?  A living Interfaith, an active acknowledgement, respect and honoring of humanity’s differing beliefs, can be a powerful and positive influence not only on our own generation but for generations to follow.  We can raise our children to respect the beliefs of others.